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Tourism: time to set to the Chinese time!

In 2015, Chinese tourists were 2,2 million to travel to France. In 2016, they were 400 000 less. Reasons of this drop are multiple : the feeling of insecurity after the 2015’s terrorist attacks, the mugging of Chinese tourists, the diversity of the destinations suggested by Chinese tour operators… France seeks to welcome 5 million Chinese tourists from now until 2020. By what means could France promote its tourism industry?

A seduction game deployed by the tourism industry

To show off its assets, France has already implemented a procedure enabling Chinese tourists to obtain their visas faster. They know need 48 hours instead of 10 days. In January 2016, France’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Laurent Fabius also announced working on a procedure to obtain visas in 24 hours.

At the Galeries Lafayette in Paris, the majority of brands employ mandarin-speaking sales staff. Boards and maps are also translated in Chinese. Paris airports play on the shopping frenzy of the travelers in the duty free shops. On the occasion of the Chinese new year, Paris airports are also celebrating and giving discount coupons to travelers.

Besides, Chinese tourists do not only wish to discover Paris and all French regions are also seeking to attract them. Thus, Bourgogne relies on wine tourism and gastronomy. In the same way, Languedoc Roussillon relies on local products, cultural visits and tells about its region in China through its network and presentations to tour operators.

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